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Why am I wake up in the morning with a bad breath although I have cleaned my teeth last night very well?

In fact, regular brushing only cleans 25% of the oral cavity and also not removes all the bacteria that cause bad breath, gingivitis and tooth decay. In particular, the bacteria that cause bad breath continue to multiply again. Therefore, it is necessary to use mouthwash when cleaning teeth after meals.

I often have canker sores in my mouth. What could be the cause?

Canker sores appear in all ages and genders. It’s easy to recognize because it is a small, shallow sore that appears in the soft tissues inside the cheeks and lips, under the tongue or on the gums. Initially white spots, then become slightly succulent and may break off after a few days.

The cause could be eating spicy, hot food regularly, hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiency, improper oral care, or other oral diseases.
When suffering from canker sores, the following methods can be applied to improve the condition as well as prevent recurrence by:
– Eat cool foods, especially green vegetables and fresh fruits.
– Drink plenty of water and divide it into several times a day.
– Choose appropriate mouthwash, toothpaste and oral care methods.
If the condition of mouth sores persists for a long time, you should visit a medical facility to know the cause and degree of mouth heat. The doctor will observe the wound and determine the severity of the canker sore. In some cases of bad mouth sores, the doctor will order other necessary tests (if any).


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